Review: Turn, Seek, Find – Habitats

Turn, Seek, Find – Habitats
Author & Illustrator: Ben Newman
Chronicle Books
Ages: 3-5 years old

Anytime you have a child interacting with the pages of a book, you are encouraging reading!

A varied take on the Where’s Waldo? premise, this activity book has you turn one knob to select an image, and then a different knob to select a color. You are then tasked to “find” the image in the color selected among the double-page spread. The image is skillfully illustrated, in various color versions throughout a detailed spread that includes many variations and may other images as well.

Think of this game as a prompted version of I spy. And, the great thing about it– it works! There are numerous possible combinations as well as additional figures that you can ask your child to find among the many delightful illustrations. For those kids that have trouble concentrating (as well as for typical children), it forces them to actively engage with the illustrations and note not only the differences in design, but in colors as well.

You can do the activities for a few minutes at a time and slowly increase the amount of minutes building up your child’s individual endurance. Plus, anytime you have a child actively interacting with the pages of a book, you are encouraging reading. All good things!

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