Review: I am Loved

I am Loved
Authors: Mary and Kevin Qamaniq-Mason
Illustrator: Hwei Lim
Inhabit Media
Ages: 4-8 years old

Naglingniq qaikautigijunnaqtuq maannakautigi!
Love can travel anywhere in an instant!

A child living in foster care has a lot to process. [And if that sentence wasn’t the most understated one I’ve written, I don’t know which is.] EVERYTHING can be new: places, food, people, feelings. I’ll repeat the last one for good measure, feelings. Written by foster parents Mary and Kevin Qamaniq-Mason “as a gift for Inuit children in [foster] care” this book tells the story of a child who is reminded that although he is not with his biological parents, he is surrounded by a community that loves and cares for him, deeply.

Then I remember a secret that my
anaanattiaq, my grandmother, told me
once. I haven’t seen her in a whole year
and I miss her a lot. But I can still hear
her whispering into my ear . . .

Naglingniq qaikautigijunnaqtuq maannakautigi!
Love can travel anywhere in an instant!

At its core, I am Loved deals directly with the feeling of abandonment often felt by children in care and the concurrent feelings of sadness and frustration. In simple, direct language, the book serves as a gentle reminder that, at least for some children in care, their extended families, communities and even ancestors are there for support. “When I feel their love reach me, it’s like a happy secret in my heart.”

The gentle, soft palette illustrations accompany the serene text well. The book is an idealized version of the foster care system–and although ideal, it is true for some children; where it true for all! It is certainly presents a worth goal for foster systems throughout the world.

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