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Sometimes, books arrive a little late to the bookshelf; but, we want to bring them to your attention, just in case you need to make a last minute run to the store or want to add them to (or keep them away from) your library. Here are some titles from Simon & Schuster that were published for the Christmas holiday. One, is already a perennial favorite. We’ll start with that one.

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas (Pop Up Edition)

This is the story that anyone GenX and older holds near and dear to their heart; and yes, it follows the televised special closely–completely and indistinguishably close. Sometimes a little too close for a picture (pop up) book. However, the nostalgia brought up by the pop up book is unequaled and the pop ups are amazing. The foldout for Lucy’s psychiatric stand is touching and funny, as is the pond skating scene (which you can actually make move). This book is a treasure that will help you share a piece of history with your child and bask in the nostalgia or your own childhood. And, you can pull it out, again and again.

A Charlie Brown Christmas (Pop Up Edition) (Amazon)

  • The Twelve Unicorns of Christmas

Everywhere I turn there are unicorns. In fact, my kid specifically asked for a Star Belly Unicorn for Christmas this year. This book, filled with gorgeous illustrations and random things to count, jumps on that unicorn trend. What appears to be a riff on the Twelve Days of Christmas, is not; not really. If your child LOVES unicorns, they will probably love this book; for a little while. This is a borrower, not a keeper. It is pretty to look at. But, some things in life are purely decorative.

The Twelve Unicorns of Christmas (Amazon)

  • The Story of the Three Wise Kings

This book is beautifully illustrated, simple to read and tells the classic story of the Three Wise Men. It is rare to find a book that tells the story in a straightforward style and is so elegantly illustrated. The language is completely age appropriate, does not condescend and communicates exactly as needed; opening dialogue to further conversations about the Epiphany. Of course, it’s written and illustrated by Newberry winner Tomie dePaola. Go buy this book.

The Story of the Three Wise Kings (Independent Bookseller)
The Story of the Three Wise Kings (Amazon)

  • Hurry, Santa

Another entry by dePaola. A wonderful little board book that cannot wait for Santa to arrive. It takes your through the preparations Santa takes to get ready on the eve of delivering toys. This book was previously published, with different text as Get Dressed, Santa.

Hurry, Santa (Independent Bookseller)
Hurry, Santa (Amazon)

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