A quick take on an interactive children’s book

In this “off the shelf” video review, Mr. Alex tells us all about Santa.Com, an interactive book for children ages 4 to 8.

In the good old days, the elves made toys by hand at Santa’s workshop, but times have changed. The North Pole modernized, and was born. Now, Christmas wishes are fulfilled by robotic candy cane arms and delivered by peppermint drones . . . until Cyber Scrooge hacks the system! Little Yo-Yo the elf thinks they still have a chance to save Christmas, but can the reindeer still fly? And more importantly, will Santa come out of retirement?

A modern tale packed with Christmas spirit and holiday humor, is sure to be your family’s favorite new Christmas story.

With a distinguished tenure at the helm of Nickelodeon Animation Studios, Russell Hicks has masterminded countless iconic franchises like Scooby-Doo, SpongeBob, and Dora the Explorer. As Chief Creative Officer of Curiosity Ink Media group, Hicks leads creative development and production activities and continues to build defining brands in children’s entertainment.

A children’s author, screenwriter, and product developer, Matt Cubberly launched the small press publishing company, The WilderWay, LLC, in Chicago, where he developed a slate of multiple children’s books. At Curiosity Ink Media, he heads up the development of both existing and original IP, as well as co-produces Curiosity’s feature films and television series.

Ryley Garcia is an illustrator and visual development artist from Toronto, Canada working in children’s books and the entertainment industry. Whether it be digital painting, oils, watercolors, or even pastels, Ryley enjoys any opportunity to tell stories using color and light.

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