Review: Bikes For Sale

Bikes For Sale
Author: Carter Higgins
Illustrator: Zachariah O’Hora
Chronicle Books
Ages: 3 to 5

Bikes For Sale is a story that takes two separate characters each on their own individual journey, and helps them meet to become great friends, following a similar path.

Maurice sells lemonade from a bicycle cart, and Lotta collects sticks (and passes them out) from her own cart. They are both well-known throughout their neighborhoods, and depend on their carts in order to serve their customers.

One day, Maurice and Lotta each crash independently of one another, and destroy their carts. They are forced to give up their lemonade and stick businesses. As they sulk, a raccoon named Sid finds the wrecked bicycles that have been discarded.

Maurice and Lotta, individually, happen to come across Sid’s “Bike For Sale” shop at the same time. They each decide to peek inside, and end up leaving the store with the perfect bicycle–a tandem bicycle, built for two; made from both of their original carts. Maurice and Lotta become inseparable friends, and work to build a new business and beautiful friendship, together.

In this story, the two main characters are lonely and feeling that they have lost everything after their bicycles are destroyed. Their negative experiences bring them together through happenstance, and, through a common interest in serving the community, they form a lasting friendship.

An adorable book about friendship blossoming from unforeseen circumstance, this quirky book with its quirky illustrations and a beautiful message makes for an amusing read for young readers. One can make a friend when one least expects to do so; indeed, sometimes friends are placed in our lives when we most need them.

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