Over in the Woodland Team Interview Part II

Mr. Alex speaks with the entire team who brought us Over in the Woodland (A Mythological Counting Journey). This time we focus on the ILLUSTRATIONS!

Over in the Woodland (A Mythological Counting Journey)

Over in the Woodland, where the mythic creatures roam,

Lived a noble griffin pride that protects the Woodland home.

“Guard,” said the mother. “We will guard every home.” 

So her young griffins flew where the mythic creatures roam.

With gorgeously detailed illustrations and rhythmic text, Over in the Woodland is a magical adventure sure to capture the imagination of readers young and old. Based on the classic children’s rhyme “Over in the Meadow,” this version replaces frogs and birds with mermaids, dwarves, centaurs, and other creatures of the Woodland realm. Count from one phoenix to ten griffins, and find the adorable baby griffin hiding on each delightful page!

Familius Publishing

Nicole Abreu (Author) grew up in California where her love of the ocean, sunshine, good books, and creativity began. She has a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University where she studied early childhood development. She has been teaching in preschools for children of all abilities for over a decade. She is passionate about creativity and helping children use their imaginations. Nicole lives with her family near the mountains, where she has learned to embrace the cold and seek out the sunshine. Her favorite time is spent hiking, running, reading, and making creative messes with her husband and their five wildly imaginative children. Find out more at NicoleandShar.com

Shar Abreu’s (Author) love of writing began when she received her first diary on her eighth birthday, and it has grown ever since. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Brigham Young University, where she discovered that writing children’s literature was what she loved best. She spent more than twelve years helping create award-winning language and literacy software for young learners and is passionate about helping children find joy in reading. Shar lives in Utah with her artist husband and their four adventurous daughters Over in the Woodland is the first picture book she and her twin sister have written together.

Susanna Covelli (Illustrator) was born in a small town in Piedmont (Italy) and she has always shown a creative attitude. When choosing her university career, she decided to move to Turin and study Architecture at Politecnico. After having obtained a M.A. in Architecture, she followed her passion for art and decided to attend a specialization course in traditional and also digital illustration, at “ Scuola Internazionale di Comics”, in Turin. There, she experimented with ink, acrylic painting, oil painting, pastels, watercolors and Adobe Photoshop. She creates piece of art trying to express her own imagination while still taking inspiration from nature. She has always been attracted by sinuous shapes, Baroque style and out of the ordinary prospective. Her artistic references include illustrators who explore the realm of dreams from their brightest to their darkest side. She lives in Turin, where she sometimes shows her artwork at local exhibitions.

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Team Interview Part II

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