Review: What is a Family

What is a Family
Author: Annette Griffin
Illustrator: Nichola Cowdery
Ages: 1 to 5 years old

Families are groups that take care of their own. They all stick together to help make a home.

What a cute little book filled with helpful information! Families are indeed distinct groups of individuals that help shape a community.  This book introduces the many types of animal families, while providing their correct group name in alphabetical order (e.g. Ants have a colony, Fish like to swim in their schools). 

Griffin has composed beautiful sentences that appeal to young readers; while keeping them simple and easy to follow. Children love informational books about animals and this one is a great introduction.

Cowdery’s illustrations are adorable with cheery bright colors; and, adorned with anthropomorphic hints of human clothing. I personally enjoyed the touch of adding a bow in the gorilla’s hair and a bow tie on the eel.  

What is a Family, is a delightful read that will have younger children entertained throughout.

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