Review: Finding Om

Finding Om
Author: Rashmi S. Bismark MD MPH
Illustrator: Morgan Huff
Mango & Marigold Press

“It’s okay not to know all the answers. … It’s an interesting feeling isn’t it, this feeling of not knowing?” 

Dr. Bismark’s debut, available for preorder as of the date of this writing, is a solid entry into the world of mindfulness for children.

For an in depth interview with the Author, including her thoughts on the book, head over to Yoga International, here.

Quick Rating: Buy, With Reservations


Anu discovers the mantra OM and meditation through her relationship with Appuppa (maternal grandfather). She learns about her heritage (Indian-African) and the interconnectivity of the world around her.


Huff’s illustrations are clearly aimed at the five to six-year-old target age range for the book. However, to this eye, they appear colder than required for the warm subject area the book necessitates. They are bright, and airy and nice, but do not necessarily align with the text on evoking the feeling of connectivity or OM. This, of course, varies with the eye of the beholder, as does meditation. They are lovely to look at.

It’s On My Bookshelf

I put this book in the “self-help” area for kids category. It’s a book that teaches mindfulness, much needed in today’s society, and it does it in an accessible way that encourages familial, intergenerational dialogue. All pluses! The “with reservations” rating is given because, although the book starts off in simple, intuitive language, it gets lost along the way. Take for instance this snippet:

Appuppa said OM is nature’s own vibration–the sound of the universe buzzing with life. If the whole world is safely singing OM, maybe I don’t have to always keep saying it..Maybe I can also listen–listen with love to life’s OM inside and all around me right now.

Finding Om

The quotation is lovely. It gives you a lot to unpack. And, as an adult requires deep thought. It is completely inaccessible to a five year old without substantial assistance. If you believe you can provide this assistance, then the book is for you and your child. Perhaps, this is even a journey you can go on together. I encourage you to do so! And that’s, why this book stays on my bookshelf.

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