Review: Nickelodeon 5-Minute Adventure Stories Collection

5-Minute Adventure Stories Collection
Random House New York

This is a tough call.

In short story format, the book presents stories from some of Nickelodeon’s most popular series.


Nine different adventures in all. The entries include:

  1. The Sea Patrol Makes a Splash!
  2. Save the Puppy
  3. Spark Bug Heads Home
  4. The Great Egg Race!
  5. Daring Dino Adventure
  6. All Bottled Up
  7. Rock Star Rescue!
  8. Bouncing Berry Hunt!
  9. Gold Rush Pups!

Each story is a brief, faithful recreation of a roughly 24 minute episode. Series include: Paw Patrol, Blaze and the Monster Machines, and Sunny Day among others.

Quick Rating: Do not Buy


It is really hard to call these traditional “illustrations.” They are more like reprinted captures of the animations (and I’m using that term in its loosest sense) you see on screen. Great art this is not.

Not on My Bookshelf

I really struggle with this preschool age aimed book. Kids love it. It reinforces what they see on the screen and it engages them with familiar characters and stories that they already love. However, and this is a big HOWEVER, there is NOTHING to this book, other than placekeeping. What I mean by that is this: it is a way to spend time. In the end, all it does is keep the child busy; it really does nothing else. It is the equivalent of placing the child in front of the screen, but really in front of a book. On this site, I strive to introduce books that we should keep for the long run, not a flavor of the week. And, that’s why this book has no place on my bookshelf. [End.]

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