Review: My Hair

This is a story that touches on cultural awareness, traditions, feelings, confidence, and so many other positive aspects of growing up. It depicts a confident, self-assured little girl who is not shy about being herself. In a world where so much is about conforming to expectations, this book offers little girls as well as not so little girls, a view of what it is to be yourself and show your best self to the world around you.

Review: Keith Among The Pigeons

Keith really likes pigeons. He doesn’t sit, move, or behave like other cats, especially the super-judgy Nigel and Hilda (who may or may not be his cat siblings). He longs to hang with the pigeons, protests for pigeon rights, yet scares the pigeons with his cat-like appearance. In turns, he tries to be like the birds and tries to be like the cats, and ultimately finds kinship and self-acceptance for being “a Keith.”

A Fist for Joe Louis and Me

A Fist for Joe Louis and Me explores these questions and more as it follows the story of two boys in Detroit dur­ing the Great Depres­sion. Gordy, an African American boy, and his father, an auto worker, idolize Joe Louis, a world famous boxer. Gordy’s father would come home every Friday and teach Gordy how to box. Together they would follow Friday Night Fights on the radio.

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