Review: Benjamin’s Blue Feet

Studying his reflection, he recognizes all the traits that make him different from the other creatures on the beach. Not feeling comfortable with those differences, Benjamin begins to modify his personal imperfections, in hopes of blending in better with his fellow creatures. Though he is successful in his attempt to hide his differences, he quickly learns why those different traits are so important to him, and to the many blue-footed boobies like him.

Review: The Other Half of Happy

At school, she is ridiculed both because she is and is not latina (in appearance yes, in culture, no)–sometimes called a coconut [brown on the outside, white on the inside]. She sings in the choir, loves English class, has two great friends and has trouble with some mean girls. Internally, she struggles to figure out who she is, at the same time rejecting everything she perceives as being forced upon her. I know. She sounds like the ordinary 12-year-old. And that’s why this is extraordinary. As she faces each challenge, and overcomes each perceived failure, she builds her identity with each step.

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