woman reading a book to the children

What is Dialogic Reading?

If you’ve never heard the term before, dialogic reading can seem a bit daunting. We didn’t do that when I was a kid. What kind of sorcery is this? Is this new math related? Believe it or not, these are all comments I’ve heard in relation to a relatively easy, valuable tool that you can use to improve your child’s reading comprehension skills, starting at the preschool level and continuing even through middle grade! [Honestly, even full-fledged adults can have fun with dialogic reading.]

PLUS: A look at 5 Wordless Picturebooks!

Review: ¿Qué Haces Con Una Voz Así? (What do you do with a voice like that?)

This picturebook biography of Barbara Jordan, who some argue was the Nation’s first LGBTQ+ Representative in Congress, is a serviceable account of Jordan’s career highlights as thematically encapsulated around her significant, powerful voice. Note, voice stands in proxy here for not only the tone, timber and strength of Jordan’s powerful speech, but also the eloquence, charm, and brilliant intelligence she so easily manifested.

Review: La Joven Aviadora (The Flying Girl)

In this impeccable Spanish Language translation of Engle’s The Flying Girl, we learn the story of Aida de Acosta Breckenridge, an American socialite and the first woman to fly a powered aircraft, solo. De Acosta, of Cuban and Spanish descent, was taught to fly by Alberto Santos-Dumont, known in Brazil, his native country, as the father of aviation.

Review: Im Po Ssi Ble

I’ve got to admit, I don’t think I’ve ever gasped at the end of a picturebook–that is to say, until I got to the end of this one. When I turned the page, an audible gasp actually left my mouth. And then I shook my head. I struggled for a while as to whether this was a kid’s book, an adult’s book, or one that’s fit for both. After much thought, [and trying the book out on some kids], I’ve come to the tentative conclusion that this excellent story needs to be read by all parents and caregivers and that children will also enjoy it.

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