Review: Voy a Portarme Muy Bien (Spanish)

Life is a struggle. And, if you are familiar with these words: “I’ll be good now, I promise.” Then, chances are that your child is smack in the middle of the demographic for this funny, charming picture book by Haughton, loosely translated as I will behave very well. [The actual English title is: Oh no, George]

Review: Little Moar and the Moon

There is a reason why I use this small, Inuit-owned, publisher as a reliable go-to for birthday gifts. Inhabit Media is a wonderful resources for developmentally appropriate, fun, accessible, stories that you would not otherwise find in the “big” publishing houses. Little Moar and the Moon is one such example.

Review: A Jedi You Will Be (Star Wars)

With whimsical yet warm drawings deftly bringing Dagobah to life (you know, where Yoda trained Luke) Deas provides an engaging backdrop for an engaging story about becoming a Jedi. It is not, as one might first suspect, Luke’s story. But rather, Chhibber breaks the fourth wall and talks to the child directly, using Yoda, thereby guiding the reader on the path to Jedidom.

Review: Outside, You Notice

Okay, I will admit this upfront. Jaded as I am, I was very skeptical about this book. When I read the press release that stated: “[]invites young scientists and day dreamers to look closely and think deeply in a lyrical nonfiction text . . . ” I rolled my eyes so far back into my head that the propulsion almost knocked me off of my chair. I thought this book was going to be the typical, “Oh, look, a tree; oh, look, a bird (illustration of child pointing at tree, bird).” I should not have been skeptical.” Alladin, Blinick and Pajama Press deliver a wonderful book. Thank goodness. This is not your standard point and look book.

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