Review: The Hotel for Bugs

The hotel features a spa, a pool, a larva club (for the kids!) and a buffet among its many offerings. It is the swankiest place in town! Senior’s verse is a wonder of cheeky rhymes, playfully mixing bug-like behaviors with hotel-guest actions.

Review: Rainbow Hands

Each double page spread, lusciously covered in Loring-Fisher’s dreamlike artwork, gently caresses Nainy’s simple and elegant verse reflecting the young boy’s mood and a chosen color. With each turn of the page, we learn a bit more about our protagonist and the world he inhabits. Is he accepted? Is he an outcast?

Review: Human Town

A family of elephants goes to a zoo to visit the wildlife before it goes extinct. The kids are excited. The parents are eager to share their love of adventure with the children. Sounds perfectly normal right? What is normal?

Review: The Bear and the Little Green Thing

Short-listed for the World Illustration Awards, The Bear and the Little Green Thing is a soft spoken allegory of life’s truest, briefest and longest friendships–all encapsulated in one. Its gentle, dark, mysterious illustrations, together with it’s simple text, lead readers on an emotional journey through a friendship that was never really meant to last forever.

Review: Black Boy, Black Boy

Written in simple rhyming verse, Black Boy, Black Boy serves the dual purpose of providing not only a wonderfully inspirational message of empowerment, but also adds many examples of of the rich contributions Black men have contributed to our society.

Review: Becoming Blue

Obvious to adults reading the book, the learned lesson is that we all have strengths and weaknesses making up our own, unique, individuality–an important lesson to be learned at any age.

Review: The Universe and You

Author: Suzanne SladeIllustrator: Stephanie Fizer ColemanPublisher: Sleeping Bear PressAges: 4-8 It is very hard to thread the needle and write a well-balanced bedtime storybook that contains STEM elements, be entertaining, and lull a child into the security of falling asleep. Fortunately for us, a few exist and we can now add The Universe and You…

Review: Little Hearts

The illustrations are, in a word, lovely. This is a great book to snuggle up with, and get lost in the meditative state conjured up by the pictures and words. Explore the rich world created by Ghigna and East with your child; then, drift off to sleep.

Review: Una Huna? Ukpik Learns to Sew

Always with a glossary of indigenous words at the end, Inhabit Media brings us a wonderful story about living in the Arctic and learning some of the skills necessary for survival there. In Ukpik Learns to Sew, we get a particularly detailed view on how to prepare, dry, use and sew Caribou skin, but in…

Review: The Talk

A Coretta Scott King Author Honor winner, The Talk deftly and warmly addresses a subject that is common for millions of families throughout the world. For those families where The Talk is not common, this window provides a peek into a subject that needs to be addressed early on.


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