Review: My Tail’s Not Tired

The book follows a very patient Big Monster and a very energetic Little Monster through their night time routine. Little Monster needs to work out their bouncy knees, wiggly bottom, swingy tail, roly-poly back, roaring voice, jumpy feet, jet-plane arms, and finally, their blinky eyes that are NOT tired. Definitely not tired at all. All through the book you can see a tired Big Monster encouraging Little Monster to get all the wiggles out while coaching them upstairs, to bath, pajamas, and bed.

Review: Yokki and the Parno Gry

Yokki and his Romani Traveller family live in tents, and move around a lot. They sell their crafts, wisdom, and services as well as perform odd jobs to take them through the slow seasons. Yokki is a gifted storyteller in a community that values oral tradition, and he weaves his tales while the family sits around a fire every night.